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Converting to natural gas has become a viable alternative for many homes in Connecticut, and Cromwell Energy has extensive expertise in the installation and repair of natural gas systems. Whether you are converting from oil to natural gas, or upgrading your existing gas system, Cromwell Energy can provide all of your service needs. Natural gas systems offer homeowners a clean, domestically produced, energy source. Over 90% of natural gas used in the United Sates comes from North America.

You can count on Cromwell Energy to provide the right heating system for your needs. We sell and install several brands, and will be happy to visit with you at your home or our offices to discuss the options. If your natural gas Boiler, Burner or Furnace is not performing as well as it should, you may be ready to have your system updated to a more efficient model. If you are in the process of building a new home or remodeling an existing home, call us for an estimate.

To see if natural gas is available for your home, simply click on the gas company links below. Cromwell Energy is a participant in the Gas Conversion Network of Connecticut Natural Gas (CNG), Southern Connecticut Gas (SCG) and Eversource (formerly Yankee Gas).  

Natural Gas Installations

Cromwell Energy offers a variety of high quality, efficient, natural gas systems. High efficiency models with 95%-plus AFUE ratings are eligible for State rebate incentives and Federal tax credits. Special financing is also available for energy-efficient heating system upgrades. We also install natural gas systems that are specifically designed to operate with your existing (chimney) ventilation system, with no chimney liner required. Call your Cromwell Energy service manager today to see which system is right for your home.

Natural Gas Service

Cromwell Energy has extensive experience in servicing natural gas systems. Our new Natural Gas Maintenance Plan provides a safety check of the heating system, an annual heating system efficiency tune-up, a 25% discount on service work, and priority 24/7 service.

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