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Connecticut winters are often long and cold, and it is essential to keep your heating system in proper working order at all times. For regularly scheduled maintenance, heating repair services, and fuel oil delivery you can rely on, trust the experts at Cromwell Energy. As a premier heating company in Cromwell, Middletown, Newington, Glastonbury, and nearby, we’ve been keeping Middlesex and Hartford county families comfortable for over 35 years.

Cromwell Energy recognizes the importance of ensuring your heating system’s efficiency, as heating accounts for a large portion of your home utility bills. While average costs can vary from year to year, Connecticut residents are consistently among the biggest energy spenders in the nation due to the harsh winters we experience. For that reason, we’re proud to offer extensive knowledge of the top energy-efficient furnaces and heating systems, so we can help homeowners make smarter heating choices.

Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

When the outdoor temperature is bitterly cold, the last thing you want is to walk into a home that’s just as frigid. Since extended periods of cold or unusually chilly temperatures can place excess strain on your heating system, it is important to watch for symptoms of impending failure.

The following warning signs could mean your heating system requires repair:

  • Not Enough Heat –A lack of heat flowing from your vents or radiators is a key sign that your system isn’t working properly.
  • Higher Utility Bills – Excessively high heating bills are a warning sign that your equipment is struggling to keep your home at the right temperature.
  • Odd Noises – Continued clanking, booming, rumbling, gurgling, or grinding is often a sign of trouble.
  • Strange Smells – If a smell is noticed, it is essential that you call you heating company immediately, as carbon monoxide is a potentially lethal byproduct of a leaking furnace or boiler.

Heating Repair Services Middletown, Cromwell and Nearby CT

To assist you with keeping your heating system running safely, effectively, and efficiently, Cromwell Energy is proud to offer a variety of heating repair services to address your every need. From regular maintenance plans and simple tune-ups, to emergency repairs, our full slate of heating repair services is just a phone call away.

Utilize one or more of the following services to keep your heating system in check and prepare for the long winter months:

Heating System Safety Checks

A poorly functioning heating system can overheat and pose a fire risk, endangering your home, family members, and possessions. To make matters worse, unsafe heating systems can release deadly fumes such as carbon monoxide, risking your family’s health and wellbeing. For these reasons, it’s essential to ensure your heating equipment is running safely at all times.

To keep your system operating under safe conditions, you should schedule regular maintenance and safety inspections. Cromwell Energy offers system safety checks that meet or exceed current industry standards, either on an as-needed or yearly basis. Our safety checks include inspection and adjustment of all essential components, such as burners, the combustion chamber, and operating controls.

Furnace Efficiency Tune-Ups

An inefficient heating system can lead to system failures, leaving you with no heat or hot water. However, one of the most telling signs of an inefficient heating system involves your wallet – unproductive equipment could be costing you hundreds each year!

Cromwell Energy’s 15-point efficiency tune-up program includes a thorough inspection of your system and the installation of oil filter cartridges, oiling of the fan and circulator motors, vacuuming of flue passages, and a combustion efficiency check. You’ll receive a report outlining your system’s efficiency rating, as well as a full explanation of the measures our technicians employed to improve your home heating efficiency. Regular tune-ups can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your system and address smaller issues before they develop into advanced problems. Plus, by maintaining efficient equipment, you can even lower your home heating bills!

Boiler, Burner, and Furnace Repairs in Middletown and Nearby CT

If you’ve noticed that your boiler or furnace isn’t heating your home as well as it once did, it’s likely time to have your system inspected. In fact, it’s crucial to address your heating system’s issues now, before you’re left without heat in the midst of the Connecticut winter. Whether you have an oil boiler or a gas furnace, you can count on Cromwell Energy to provide timely, expert repairs.

Simply contact our office to schedule service at your earliest convenience. Our licensed technicians will arrive on-site to perform a thorough inspection of your heating system. What’s more, we’ll discuss each repair with you before work begins, leaving you with a fully functional heating system and no billing surprises.

System Updates, New Furnace Installations, and Replacements

If your heating system is outdated, needs constant repair, or simply isn’t performing as well as expected, it may be time for a system update. Today’s energy-efficient models can offer cost-saving and safety-enhancing features that were practically unheard of in decades past. Alternatively, if you’re building or purchasing a new home, our expert team can assess your specifications and recommend the best heating system for your budget.

The professionals at Cromwell Energy sell and install nearly every major brand of home heating equipment, including American Standard, IBC, Blasi, Navien, and more. Better yet, after installation, our expert technicians will continue to provide service and tune-ups to keep your system in peak operating order. Whether you prefer heating with oil, natural gas, or propane, we have an energy-efficient, safe system for you.

Oil Heat Maintenance Plans

If you’ve chosen to warm your home with heating oil, Cromwell Energy’s Oil Heat Maintenance Plan can provide you with the services necessary to keep your system operating at peak performance. This preventative maintenance plan offers a thorough inspection along with the annual maintenance and safety check-up services you’ll need to extend the life of your oil heat system. Each Oil Heat Maintenance Plan includes:

  • A yearly safety check-up according to heating industry standards.
  • An annual heating efficiency tune-up.
  • A 25 percent discount on heating service calls (excluding new installations).
  • Cromwell Energy’s industry-best 24/7 priority service.

Natural Gas Maintenance Plans

As time goes on, normal wear and tear can cause reduced efficiency and even critical failures in your system. Choosing a preventive maintenance plan from Cromwell Energy allows you to experience the peace of mind offered by regular maintenance and safety check-ups; meanwhile, you’ll prolong the life of your natural gas system and avoid more extensive repairs down the road. Each Natural Gas Maintenance Plan includes:

  • A thorough safety check of your natural gas system.
  • An annual heating efficiency tune-up.
  • A 25 percent discount on repair costs (excluding new installations).
  • 24/7 Priority service you can trust from our expert team.

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