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Your Hot Water Heater may be an Energy Hog! Older model Hot Water Heaters can account for up to 15% of a home’s total energy cost.  If your current hot water heater is not delivering hot water the way your family would like, it may be time to consider a new, modern Hot Water Heater, like a high-efficiency tankless model. Many times the newer models and technology available today in Hot Water Heaters can deliver higher capacity at twice the efficiency of a standard older model. We install oil, gas and electric hot water heaters, using the finest brands like Vaughn Indirect, Navien, and AO Smith. Hot Water Heater tanks are extremely well insulated today, with very little loss of heat, resulting in lower oil, electric or gas bills for you.

Connecticut Hot Water Heater Repairs

If you need repairs or service to your existing hot water heater, our technicians are well-versed in all brands and models, and can provide a quick response to help our customers when they are without hot water. Maybe you are having problems with your hot water demand outpacing the capacity of the hot water system in place now. We are happy to look at your needs and provide a written estimate that thoroughly covers any work, parts, or hot water heater replacements that may be called for.

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