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Cromwell Energy delivers premium heating oil containing the state-of-the-art HEATDOC additive package. The HEATDOC additive includes a Fuel Stabilizer, a Dispersant (to gradually dissolve sludge), a Corrosion Inhibitor, and Yellow Metals Protection. Cleaner fuel, better storage integrity, and improved component protection, are integral to optimizing the performance of your heating system.

All heating oil is not the same. There is a reason why discounters charge less for their heating oil; inferior products cost less in the short run. Over time, untreated heating oil may damage your heating system, leading to increased service calls and a shorter system life.

Cromwell Energy will always take the extra steps to ensure your deliveries are on-time, respectful of your property, and follow all safety protocols.

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Fuel Plans / Buy-Ahead Programs


Fuel plans allow our customers to lock in prices for the coming season, and eliminate the worry of increasing and volatile fuel oil prices. The fuel plan is a voluntary agreement between our customers and Cromwell Energy to buy heating oil at a fixed price. The price of this oil is then guaranteed and cannot be raised above the locked-in price.

Our customers may also buy “downside protection”. Downside protection is like insurance, in that you are “covered” if the price of oil goes below your locked-in price. If oil prices decline during the contract season, the customer will pay the new, lower price for their oil. Downside protection is recommended.

Cromwell Energy offers two payment options for their fuel plans:

A. Budget Payment Plan
The customers pay for their agreed upon number of gallons over an 12-month payment period. Downside protection is automatically included in this option.

B. Full Payment Plan
The customer pays for all of their contracted gallons up front, and has the option of buying downside protection. It is recommended that clients buy downside protection, ensuring that they always pay our lowest possible price for their oil.

Oil Pricing Plans CTRegular Budget Plans


Budget plans are 12-month payment plans created to allow our customers to split their estimated yearly oil costs into 12 easy installments. Cromwell Energy provides our customers with an estimate of the number of gallons they will use and the price of those gallons. These estimates may be revised as oil prices and usage may vary during the course of the year.

Clients in the fuel plan, or under the budget payment plan, are on automatic delivery (i.e., Cromwell Energy will deliver your oil based on your usage patterns and “degree days”).

Oil Prices Cromwell CTVariable Pricing

Under variable pricing the client pays the daily market rate for the price of oil. A 10-cent per gallon discount is given for payment within ten days of delivery. Clients under variable pricing may be on an automatic delivery or “will call” delivery basis.

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