HVAC Services & Repair in Glastonbury, CT


HVAC Services & Repair in Glastonbury, CT

For over three decades, Cromwell Energy, Inc. has been providing the residents of Glastonbury, Connecticut with quality HVAC service that they can depend on. Our prices are fair, our HVAC service is professional, and our customer service is top-notch. We always go above and beyond to ensure that every HVAC service exceeds expectations.

To ensure that you receive the highest quality HVAC service in Glastonbury, CT, we put our air conditioning contractors and heating contractors through extensive, comprehensive training. They learn the ins and outs of every innovative piece of equipment we use for our HVAC service, so that you can rest easy knowing the HVAC repair, or heating and cooling service, will be completed to your satisfaction. We are also licensed and insured to give you even more peace of mind.

It is true that we are not the biggest HVAC service company in Glastonbury, CT, but we can assure you that no one else will treat you better, or get the heating and cooling work done more efficiently. If you need an air conditioning repair, a furnace repair, or a heating and cooling specialist, we are your go-to HVAC service provider in Glastonbury, CT.

Glastonbury Connecticut Heating & Cooling Services

Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Whether you are seeking a new central air conditioning system, or an air conditioning repair, Cromwell Energy employs the most qualified air conditioning contractors in Glastonbury, Connecticut. We know how crucial a functioning air conditioner is for your comfort, and we will always act quickly to get you the cool air you need. Our air conditioning contractors have years of experience with a wide variety of air conditioning systems, and if you are seeking an upgraded system, we have the most energy efficient models on the market today.

Here are just a few of the services our air conditioning contractors in Glastonbury, CT, provide:

  • Use their in-depth knowledge to recommend an air conditioning system that will meet your needs
  • Provide a free, written price quote
  • Perform a yearly diagnostic test before the warm weather hits, to prevent an expensive air conditioning repair
  • Offer air conditioning solutions for your home even if you do not currently have any ductwork. Our air conditioning contractors can go over our ductless air conditioning options with you.
  • Ensure your central air conditioning is working properly using our exclusive 15-point checkup
  • Complete an air conditioner repair with precision, regardless of the age, make, or model of your central air conditioning system

With our highly skilled air conditioning contractors installing or repairing your central air conditioning system in Glastonbury, CT, you can look forward to an improved air quality and dramatic savings in your energy bill.

Glastonbury, CT Natural Gas Conversions

Natural gas conversions are extremely popular in Glastonbury, Connecticut. When you convert your oil system to natural gas you are left with a cleaner energy source that will make your home more efficient. Not only that, but natural gas is produced domestically. Our HVAC service specialists will work with you and discuss if natural gas is a viable option for your home, and will provide a free, written estimate for the conversion. Our natural gas services in Glastonbury, CT, include:

  • Complete installation of an upgraded natural gas system that may qualify for state and federal rebates for energy efficiency
  • Create a customized natural gas system that may be able to use your current ventilation source

As part of our natural gas maintenance plan we will:

  • Provide safety checks on a regular basis to make sure that your natural gas system is working correctly
  • Perform a comprehensive annual tune-up to keep your system operating at its peak efficiency

Heating Contractors – Furnace and Boiler Repair

When you need heat, you can count on the heating contractors at Cromwell Energy for your Glastonbury, Connecticut residence. Whether your home uses oil, natural gas, or electricity, our heating contractors are able to get the repairs done quickly so you can count on the heat you need throughout the winter season. Our heating contractors are not only extremely skilled in furnace repair work, but they can recommend a variety of heating system upgrades to improve the efficiency of your home. Best of all, if you are one of our clients in Glastonbury, CT, you can take advantage of our maintenance plans, which get you priority service on any furnace repair, as well as routine safety checks and a thorough annual tune-up.

Hot Water Heater Repair and Service

If your hot water heater in your Glastonbury, CT home is not working properly, you could be wasting money every month trying to keep your water at a comfortable temperature. Our heating contractors are able to perform a full checkup of your current water heater and make improvements where necessary. Whether your water heater is fueled by electricity, oil, or gas, our heating contractors will expertly repair or replace your water heater to improve its efficiency and save you money. And if your water heater is completely on the fritz, our heating contractors are available for emergency service.

Oil Delivery

For the best oil delivery in all of Glastonbury, Connecticut, Cromwell Energy is the company to call. Our premium heating oil features the comprehensive HEATDOC additive that provides a cleaner, more effective fuel source. It does this by stabilizing the fuel, preventing corrosion, eliminating sludge, and protecting against yellow metals. Our oil delivery service is designed to work with your schedule and your budget. We offer a variety of payment options—such as a budgeting plan that makes your payments equal over 12 months, or a buy-ahead plan that locks in your rate. When we make an appointment with you, you can plan on our heating contractors arriving on time, and treating your home with respect.

Glastonbury’s Premier HVAC Contractors

When you desire the absolute best HVAC service or HVAC repair in all of Glastonbury, Connecticut, the company to call is Cromwell Energy. From high-quality oil delivery, to state-of-the-art furnace and air conditioning installation and repairs, you can count on the heating and air conditioning contractors at Cromwell Energy to get the job done efficiently, completely, and courteously. Contact us today to find out what HVAC service was meant to be.