HVAC Services in Cromwell, CT


Heating and Cooling Services in Cromwell, CT

Since 1985 Cromwell Energy has provided Cromwell Connecticut with reliable, high quality and affordable air conditioning and home heating services. Our licensed, insured, and highly experienced technicians are on the cutting edge of innovative HVAC technologies.

Cromwell Energy also provides affordable oil delivery, natural gas conversions, and HVAC services to customers in Middlesex and Hartford County.

Heating System & Furnace Repair and Service

If your heating system fails in the middle of a freezing winter, it is important for you and your family to find the most reliable and cost effective heating system repair service. Cromwell Energy’s HVAC repair specialists are on call to perform emergency heating repairs in Cromwell, CT twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We repair all types of heating systems, including boilers, heat pumps and more.

In addition to repairs, we sell and install heating equipment from major brands such as American Standard, Biasi and IBC. Our heating services include free installation cost estimates as well as free price estimates for our other heating system installation services. We also provide equipment maintenance and expert recommendations to improve your heating system.

Air Conditioning Repair Cromwell CT

Is your current HVAC system not up to the task of cooling your entire home? Cromwell Energy’s cooling specialists have extensive expertise with repairing, maintaining, and installing HVAC systems in Cromwell and nearby CT towns. Our HVAC experts are skilled in repairing and installing all brands of AC equipment, and will help you make the system choice that is right for your home.

We provide regular maintenance, new air conditioning installations, and emergency AC repairs in Cromwell, CT to keep your HVAC system up and running year-round. We will evaluate your current HVAC system and provide helpful advice to keep your system running efficiently.

Home Heating Oil Delivery in Cromwell, CT

If your CT home uses heating oil as the main source of heat, it is important to use high quality, trusted fuel. At Cromwell Energy, we treat our state-of-the-art home heating oil with the HEATDOC additive to bolster efficiency, combat corrosion, and dissolve undesirable sludge. This will help ensure that your home heating oil system will run at peak performance at all times!

Our oil delivery specialists at Cromwell Energy are trained, licensed and insured. To maintain affordable oil delivery prices we offer several oil delivery options in Cromwell and nearby CT locations.

Heating Oil to Natural Gas Conversion

Cromwell Energy also provides natural gas conversion services to Cromwell, CT, residents. If you are considering converting your home from heating oil to gas, our specialists will visit your home and provide you with a free installation quote.

Cromwell Energy believes in servicing all heating systems, and that’s why we participate in the Eversource (Yankee Gas) and CNG/SNG (UI) contractor networks. Connecticut residents who switch from an oil-burning heating system to a natural gas one are eligible for many rebate and financial incentives from the State. Let Cromwell Energy come and review your system to see if switching to natural gas is a viable option for your home or business.

From heating system installation, to oil delivery, to emergency HVAC repairs, our Cromwell, CT, team is available to provide you with skilled, professional, and efficient service at an affordable price. Cromwell Energy has been committed to keeping Connecticut residents at comfortable temperatures for over 35 years.

Contact us today to learn more about our Cromwell, CT HVAC services.