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Cromwell CT Oil Delivery

Connecticut Heating Oil Delivery


Cromwell Energy delivers premium heating oil containing the state-of-the-art HEATDOC additive package. With a unique balance of three stabilizers, HEATDOC not only keeps today’s fuel fresh, but also improves the latest blends of ultra-low sulfur and biodiesel, keeping your fuel healthy today and into the future.  It cleans your heating system by reducing sediment build-up that may already be in your tank, pipes, filters and nozzle. The HEATDOC additive includes a Fuel Stabilizer, a Dispersant (to gradually dissolve sludge), a Corrosion Inhibitor, and Yellow Metals Protection. Cleaner fuel, better storage integrity, and improved component protection, are integral to optimizing the performance of your heating system.

All heating oil is not the same. There is a reason why discounters charge less for their heating oil; inferior products cost less in the short run. Over time, untreated heating oil may damage your heating system, leading to increased service calls and a shorter system life.


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