Natural Gas Conversion CT

    Converting to natural gas has become a viable alternative for many residents in Connecticut. The availability of natural gas is increasing, and gas-line expansion was the cornerstone of the 2014 State of Connecticut energy policy.

    Does converting to natural gas make sense for you?

    The question is: Does converting your home to natural gas make sense for you?  The answer to that question depends on a number of factors, including the age and efficiency of your current heating system, your comfort level with natural gas, and your expected return-on-investment. From a financial perspective, natural gas is currently less expensive than oil.  However, the differential in price shrank dramatically in 2014, as the cost of oil plummeted to its lowest level in 6 years.

    Convert to natural gas with financing from Energize Connecticut

    If you are interested in converting to natural gas, Cromwell Energy can assist you in securing financing for your new system (through Energize Connecticut). Energize Connecticut (EnergizeCT) is a State sponsored initiative that provides “advice, resources and funding to complete energy-saving and clean energy improvements” in your home. Through May 31st, 2015, AFC First, in conjunction with EnergizeCT, has 0% financing on energy-efficient heating system upgrades (for oil, propane and natural gas systems).  Other rebates and incentives are also available.

    To see if converting to natural gas is available at your Connecticut address, simply visit the gas company website (links are provided below), or call our office and we can help walk you through the process.

    Thinking about converting to natural gas? Call Cromwell Energy today!

    Call the experts at Cromwell Energy today to help you assess the viability, and potential return-on-investment (ROI), of converting to natural gas.  Cromwell Energy is an approved contractor in the Gas Conversion Network(s) of CNG/SNG, and Eversource (formerly Yankee Gas), and is licensed and insured.  We have converted many homes in Middlesex and Hartford Counties, and can recommend the right system for your home.