What Type of Air Conditioning System Is Right for Your Home?

    When it comes to finding the perfect air conditioning (AC) system for your home, there are many factors that come into play. Key variables for consideration include: home size, affordability, efficiency, noise levels, and aesthetics. Most homeowners have a lot of questions when they begin searching for a way to stay cool during the hottest part of the year. A few of the most common are:

    • What is the best type of AC system for my home?
    • Can I cool only part of my home?
    • What is the most cost-effective option?

    As a top HVAC company in Cromwell, Middletown, Glastonbury, and nearby CT, Cromwell Energy is here to answer all of these questions and more. Our skilled technicians can address any concerns you may have, and guide you to the perfect product for your needs.

    Types of Air Conditioning Systems

    Many homeowners fail to realize that there are a variety of different kinds of air conditioning units. Each one is designed to function best in a specific scenario. The best way to determine which system is ideal for you is to understand the details of how each works. Consider these types of air conditioning systems as you begin shopping for an HVAC solution for your home:

    Central Air Conditioning/Forced Air

    When you install a central AC system in your home, the air is cooled throughout the whole house through a network of ducts. The components consist of a condenser located outside your home, and an air handler, usually in the attic or in the basement. If your home has forced hot air for heat, the AC system would run through the same ductwork as the heat, and a coil and condenser would be added to the heating system. The temperature for the system is controlled via a thermostat, usually in a central location (such as the hallway or living room). Multiple “zones” may also be installed for additional control between floors of the house.

    Ductless/Mini-Split Systems

    Ductless systems offer high-efficiency cooling (and heating) without the need for ductwork throughout your home. It is a more modular solution, in that it can be customized to cool one room, or multiple rooms. Ductless units also provide extremely quiet operation, and use advanced inverter compressor technology to ramp up or down as needed to maintain comfort levels. Their unobtrusive and slim design make them an attractive option for any area of your home.

    Choosing the Right AC Unit for Your Home

    Each type of air conditioning system has its pros and cons. Therefore, you must weigh each option before making your final decision. If you are wondering what the benefits are of central AC vs. ductless AC, the biggest factor you must consider is the design of your home. Central AC often provides a more global cooling solution and is ideal for larger homes.

    However, if you don’t already have ductwork in your residence, a mini-split AC system is an excellent alternative. Ductless systems are extremely efficient, and the placement of the units can be customized to meet the exact cooling needs of the homeowner. One of the additional benefits of a ductless system is that you can control the temperature in different rooms (or zones) of the house, which can help you save on utility costs.  Ductless units are also a great add-on for bonus rooms or additions, where ductwork is not feasible.

    As with all buying decisions, pricing is a key factor. Central air conditioning is usually a more cost-effective option if it is a larger home, or there are many smaller rooms to be cooled. Ductless systems are an excellent choice if the house has a more open design, or only a few rooms need to be cooled. Ductless systems also offer the advantage of providing heat in the winter.

    How Long Do AC Systems Last?

    Both central air systems and ductless systems have an average lifespan of over 20 years. We always recommend yearly maintenance on your system, and to regularly change the air filters. Properly maintained filters also help with allergies, eliminating much of the pollen or dander in your home. Additional protection can also be achieved by adding a high-intensity UVC germicidal lamp (ultraviolet light) to your system to neutralize airborne bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold, for cleaner air throughout your home!

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