Connecticut Oil Furnace Repair Company


Superior Oil Furnace Repair in CT

You rely on your oil furnace to keep you and your family warm throughout the winter, so when it breaks, prompt oil furnace repair in CT is paramount. At Cromwell Energy, we will quickly and accurately repair your furnace to keep it running smoothly. Our licensed and insured technicians are experts in oil furnace repairs in CT, and will provide you with an up-front estimate for the cost of the repair. At Cromwell Energy we believe in honest and fair prices, with superior service.

On-Demand Emergency Service

It seems like oil furnaces break at the most inopportune time, but with Cromwell Energy as your oil furnace repair company in CT, you never have to worry about getting emergency service. We know how important it is to get your furnace back up and running—not only for the wellbeing of your family, but to prevent further damage to your system—which is why we are available 24/7 to provide oil furnace repair in CT.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

If your oil furnace is not working at its best, you could be wasting valuable resources. At Cromwell Energy, our technicians are experts in both older oil furnaces and the latest technologies, and we would be happy to come to your home to improve your systems’ performance. We will give our expert recommendations for upgrades to your oil furnace, and provide a reliable quote to get the work done.

Affordable Maintenance Plans

Many oil furnace repairs in CT can be prevented with proper maintenance. That’s why Cromwell Energy offers all of our clients our Oil Heat Maintenance Plan. By paying an evenly distributed fee, you will be entitled to a complete safety check of your oil furnace, a 25% discount on any service work that is needed, and priority service if something should go awry. Additionally, you will receive an annual comprehensive tune-up that includes:

  • Installing a new oil filter cartridge, fuel pump strainer, and burner nozzle
  • Checking and adjusting the electrodes and nozzle assembly
  • Oiling all circulators, fans, and burners
  • Performing a safety check on all controls
  • Inspecting the combustion chamber
  • Vacuuming out the flue system
  • Adjusting the system to make sure it is performing at its optimum efficiency

Finest Oil Furnace Repair in CT

When it comes time for an oil furnace repair in CT, you only want to choose a company with a solid reputation. Since 1984, Cromwell Energy has been performing both routine and emergency oil furnaces repairs for residents throughout Connecticut. When you choose us for your oil furnace repair needs, you can be confident that your furnace will be repaired with precision and speed, ad at a fair and honest price. To learn more about our oil furnace repair in CT, contact us now.