Quick and Dependable Boiler Repair in CT Quick and Dependable Boiler Repair in CT


Quick and Dependable Boiler Repair in CT

Whether you use oil, natural gas or propane, Cromwell Energy’s expert technicians can complete your boiler repair in CT. Our technicians are experienced in all major makes and models, and use the latest technologies.  In addition to boiler repair in CT, Cromwell Energy can also provide everything from routine boiler maintenance to complete, high efficiency, system upgrades.

Cromwell Energy is the company to choose for boiler repair in CT for a number of reasons:

We Provide Emergency Boiler Repair

When your boiler stops working, the wellbeing of your family depends on reliable boiler repair. At Cromwell Energy, we understand how crucial it is to get your boiler back up and running as quickly as possible, which is why we are available for emergency service any time of the day or night. We realize that the safety of you and your family is paramount, and we pride ourselves on being there when you need us.  Most importantly, our high quality service is always completed at a fair and honest price.

We Can Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Boiler

If your boiler is not working properly, you could be spending more money to heat your home than you need to. Our boiler repair contractors are always looking for ways to improve system efficiency, and we can provide you with a free, accurate quote for upgrades that could greatly reduce your energy use. We have low-cost financing available for most system upgrades, and additional incentives and rebates are available on many systems.

We Offer Maintenance Plans

While we are always available for emergency boiler repair in CT, if you really want to enhance the life and efficiency of your boiler, you should invest in regular maintenance. Cromwell Energy’s boiler maintenance plans includes a yearly comprehensive tune up on the entire system. We will inspect every part of your boiler and make sure it is running safely and efficiently. In addition, as a subscriber to our maintenance plan, you will receive: priority service, a complete safety check of your boiler, and 25% off all boiler repairs in CT.

We Provide Exceptional Boiler Repair in CT

When it comes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your boiler, you can’t afford to take a chance on a mediocre company. You need to choose Cromwell Energy; a proven, reliable, high-quality brand that always puts your needs above the bottom line. We have been completing boiler repairs in CT for over 30 years, and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Whether you are in need of emergency boiler repair, need routine maintenance, or are ready for a system upgrade, contact us today.